Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Lady Most out

Want to know how it starts? I love this beginning. Poor Edward. He's such a great tortured hero. Here is the beginning of LMD....

Edward wondered if there was a certain comfort in that predictability – things didn’t change, events occurred every season and would go on until the day he died. And even then the events wouldn’t stop; he just wouldn’t be expected to attend anymore.
That was something at least.
The smell of pomade and starch was strong, the room overheated from all the candles and hot air as the guests prattled on and on about how dreadful the prior night’s musicale had been. Five young women trotted out before the ton so that they could display just how badly they played the pianoforte. It had been excruciating.
“And that’s the Duke of Somervale,” he heard a girlish voice whisper from somewhere to his left and above. There was a balcony there where people would have punch and look at the dancers.
And apparently gossip about him.
He couldn’t say why he just stood there and listened. He should have turned around and given them a glare or moved off and ignored them.... But he didn’t; for some reason he couldn’t define, he stayed and listened.
“My sister was ever so in love with him when she made her debut.”
“Which sister?” a female voice asked. Edward suspected he didn’t know her either.
“Ooohh, what happened?”
Edward wracked his brain, trying to sort through recent debutantes he knew by the name of Anne. No one in particular came to mind.
“She met him. At the Winchester’s house party in Norfolk. Said she was so nervous she could barely say her own name. She said he’s different; that being next to him and talking to him, it’s terrible.”
“Terrible?” the other girl said, her tone fascinated.
Edward frowned. Terrible? He was terrible? The way they spoke, it was as though they were telling a naughty ghost story. Did that make him the ghost?
“Because he’s so handsome. It was like he was seeing into her soul. She said it was as though he knew she liked him.”
“Did he?” the other girl asked with a gasp.
Edward wanted to turn around and say ‘no, he didn’t’. Explain that, in fact, he had no idea who they were talking about. He went to the Winchester’s house party every year, and he couldn’t remember meeting somebody named Anne. And he certainly had not been gazing into her eyes soulfully. Whatever that meant.
“I doubt it.”
He was just getting ready to move off, deciding he didn’t need to hear any more gossip about himself and how another debutante thought herself half in love with him when she said, “Anyway, she doesn’t like him anymore. She said he was cold. Came across as unfeeling and that Katherine, that ice princess he’s engaged to could have him. They deserve each other. Now she’s obsessed with that banker, the Swiss one who’s been funding the prince and his escapades.”
And this gossiping stranger thought they deserved each other.
Edward spotted his fiancée on the dance floor dancing with some regimental hero, who’d undoubtedly done something very brave in some far-off land and come back with stories of killing natives armed with sticks. Very heroic[b1] , he thought with a scowl.
It would be his turn soon enough. When she looked at him, lifted her clear blue gaze from the man she was with and sought him out, it wasn’t to see if he disapproved or because she wanted to see him; it wasn’t because she couldn’t keep herself from looking at him because she cared for him. No, that would be…common. Vulgar, even. No, the reason his fiancée kept track of him was because she should.
When his dance came at the end of the evening, (and it was just one, sometimes two if she really wanted to show how ‘in love’ she was with him) she wanted to ensure he was where he was supposed to be. Not playing cards in the anteroom or drunk in a corner, but ready to squire her around the room for all to see.
Not that he ever did get drunk in corners or shirk his duty. But just in case. She didn’t trust anyone to do the correct thing except for herself. Just then, she flashed him a look, those arctic blue eyes colliding with his from across the room, ignoring the besotted man she danced with. Her new partner, the Earl of Chester, looked at Katherine as though she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
Edward supposed that was true. She was certainly the most graceful and beautiful woman in the room. His bride-to-be. Every doting mama told him how lucky he was; every man thumped him on the back and leered at her unpleasantly. Not only was she beautiful, she was rich as hell, blue-blooded as they came and the perfect choice for a duke.
And now, here he was, standing in a room full of people, watching them twirl around him and he suddenly felt sick, almost panicked at the idea that he was…here. Lucky enough to be alive when he dreaded today, tomorrow and every day into the future. Lucky enough to be alive when people who were better than him were dead.
Well, not people, just one—Helen. Was it a sign of just how awful he was that other people lived and died every day, hundreds of them, even thousands of them, and yet all he thought about was one? Just Helen. Who occupied his days with grief, and filled his nights with a desperate and peculiar sense of loneliness that was deeper than misguided lust.
Helen. She was unlucky. She was....
Edward looked down into his glass of champagne, watching the bubbles fizz to the surface. Bubbles rose. Dead bodies rose too sometimes. Although her body had never been found. An image of Helen on the last night he’d seen her came to him, replacing the world around him, overriding the noise and scents, the conversations and dancing, the happy people and even those who were here simply because they were expected to be.
For one pure moment, everything around him disappeared, and all he could see was Helen’s dead body floating to the surface of the water. The way it would move up, as if life and vitality had been holding her dozens of feet under, and when she gave that last breath, when she finally sucked in water and it exploded in her body and killed her, that, in his mind, was the moment she rose to the surface. Weightless, motionless, limbs relaxed, and dark hair spread around her like a cloud.
Was she still out there, floating in the water? The idea of it was so sharp that it pierced him. He felt the pain of it in his chest and stomach. It made his fingers clench and his breath exhale. The glass in his hand shook as his hand trembled.

This chick makes sense

Came across this video of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) discussing writing, success and failure. It's fascinating and inspirational for anyone, author or no author. Enjoy!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm alive!

For anyone who has noticed a rather substantial gap between postings....I'm alive. You didn't notice, you say? Well, of course not, I'm prolific on blogging, facebooking and social media. Ahem.

As for what I've got going on...

RT in May. It's in New Orleans. Vampire central. I will be going to the Garden District and looking for Lestat. Everything vampire is set in New Orleans. Witches too. Off the top of my head...Kresley Cole's series is set there, Sookie visits, The Originals is there, Coven is there. The list goes on, I just ran out of head space.

I've also been working on a lot of different things and hope to have some of it out soon. A Lady Most Dangerous should be out by April 15. Hurray! There will be lots of giveaways, so if you have not signed up for the newsletter, let me direct your attention to the right of your screen :)

I've been reading a lot too. A Poison Study, Games of Command, Kate Pearce, Amy Lane...I'm all over the place and loving it!

Game of Thrones is coming back-- yeah and Walking Dead is almost over-- boo. Can't wait til friday-- Veronica Mars comes out and I will be there to see it! The show is available on netflix and is AWESOME. It's up there with Buffy. Yes, I said it. I met Jason Dohring at Comic-Con and he is so, so nice. I told him I was bummed things didn't take off for him. It looked promising with Moonlight. He seemed really happy about that and wrote that he loved me on my VM poster. Love you too, Jason. Love you too.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glamorous as Fergie

Did you know that there are some people who think that writing is glamorous? So let me tell you about my glamorous day. Today was the first day back for my kids and boy was everybody excited. First there was a PTA meeting and then it turned out my daughter forgot her lunch. So my writing opportunity came at 1030, hours later that I had expected (grrr). 

When I got home I agonized over whether I should do laundry or cleanup the kitchen but decided to leave it so that I could try to get some words down. I could get some words down but nothing particularly exciting and I suspect it wasn't very good. 

Then I brought the kids home and discovered we had a WASP in the house. My husband was incommunicado and of course the wasp spray was nowhere where it should've been. I googled how to kill a WASP (hairspray or wd 40 but hadn't quite worked up the nerve to do it yet) and I called all my neighbors. 

Five minutes later my doorbell rang and I panicked, sure it was a neighbor who would want to help me but my kitchen was so messy that I couldn't let them in! Turned out it was grandpa who promptly picked up a flyswatter and killed the wasp Scream-style. By which I mean bumbling and with several misses but somehow managing to get the kill-shot. Isn't it glamorous?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yeah, his name is Edward! And maybe I'll change Lucas to Christian! J/k

Okay, I'm going to answer a question that I've been hearing a lot of which is-- How could I have used the infamous name Edward in Lady Out of Time. You may not know this, like if you've been living on Mars or something, but there is a very successful franchise that has a dude named Edward.

So here is the deal, when I started writing this book I called him Edward. And after I felt like I knew him, and I fell in love with him, I was sitting at my computer and I suddenly thought 'Oh crap, his name is Edward.' And even my critique partner said I should change it. And I kind of meant to, but didn't. Cause he's Edward to me.

As an author, I write with the reader in mind and I do make changes because I love having fans of my books and don't want to piss anyone off too much (although if you're a Jack fan you're probably yelling 'that's BS!' at your computer.)

So I guess I kind of knew I should've changed his name because we already have an Edward...but Victorian Edward is quite the stickler and he'd have been horrified and raised an eyebrow in condescension if I'd taken away his name simply because of some sparkly dude who was born after him. I think it's after. Wasn't Sparkly Edward a hundred-year-old virgin?

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Lady Out of Time is out!!

Whoot! A Lady out of Time is out! It's up and it's great. No, it's not vampires. But it is Time travel. Time travel, you say, what's so great about that? Imagine me as the grandpa from the Princess Bride convincing his grandson why he wants to read PB. 'It has a hot duke and a snarky heroine! It's funny and takes place in Victorian London! It's an alternate history and has Nazi's and tons of sizzling sexual tension! It's funny and the hero is great!' At least I think so. Hope everyone is having a great week, it's hotter than hell in California!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Valerie Book 4

I'm going to answer a question that I get a lot which is what is happening with Valerie and Company? I gave most of this answer down below in the comments section for Lady Out of Time (which will come out by the end of this month) but thought I should mention it here since people may not see the comments.

I'm hesitant to talk about it because I was pretty sure I was done with it. I thought Cer would get a book, that Jack and Rachel would have some unfinished stuff to deal with and that Val and Lucas would be that sickening couple in the corner that everyone says is so cute but secretly wants make barfing motions at behind their backs.

But I don't think that is what is going to happen. And the plot for another Valerie Dearborn book is there and I have even written the prologue. I just don't know when the rest will get written. I also suspect that although it is Valerie Dearborn the title of the book will be Lucas. So, that's where I am in terms of Val and co. I hope to have a better answer by October. And I would say there is a 50% chance of something coming out by December.