Monday, January 30, 2012

Game of Thrones...Oh, Jamie

Oh the hotness of Jamie Lannister. Just found a trailer for Season 2 Game of Thrones. Whoo! Anybody watching? How hot is that man?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I heart writing

Sniffle. (happy sniffle) I now have my office back and I'm writing. Yesterday I wrote 20 pages of a few different things and wasn't sure what I would settle on. Today I was again unsure of what I might write. I know I need to be working on book 3 but the plot has been so crazy and has so many different possibilities that I've had a hard time deciding stuff.

I decided I would just write the scenes I know and see where it went. I got 12 pages done and one of the scenes I really like. I hope it works. I'm going to polish it up and take it to my writer's group for their input. It's probably a quarter of the way in to the book but the tone of the scene and where the character's are emotionally...I'm staking a claim on that scene. Putting my money on it. I think it's gonna be gold. I really missed my computer. I think I'm kind of lame.

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Love Affair With Janet Evanovich

I didn't actually have a love affair with Janet Evanovich. It's an expression! Get your minds out of the gutter for Christ's sake!

Anyway, One For The Money is coming out and I suppose it's the female equivalent to Lord of the Rings finally being made into a movie. At least for me. This book is my Frodo.

When I packed my hospital bag, to deliver my second daughter, I thought I would have some extra time sitting in my little room at some point so I packed Evanovich. I'd already read them all, twice,  and thought it was light enough but funny enough that it would make the time pass.

Guess what? When you have been ripped a new one by a 9lb baby the last thing in the world you want is to laugh. It hurts.

But, you know, I'm worried-- the clowns they casted do NOT seem hot. That's not MY Joe and certainly not the way I envision Ranger. And Heigl...the jury is out. But the jury is suspicious. The jury is giving Katy the Stink Eye cause we know she's guilty of murdering Stephanie Plum.

My favorite bit of all time was when Lula goes on the Atkins Diet and gets chased by dogs down the street because she has a purse full of bacon. That was freaking hysterical.

My biggest complaint is that I really wish she'd have more sex in her books. I hate hearing that something or other 'zipped to her doo-dah' and then it fades to black. Even Grandma Mazur would write something steamier than that!

Anyway, are you excited about it? What do you think of the casting? More importantly, what's your favorite Plum moment?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who Would Play These People...Part 2

I know some people sent me pics/suggestions and I'm afraid they've gotten lost in my inbox. I'm sorry! I know it sounds ridiculous but I've actually got a lot of emails (not for Viagra, btw!!) and while I know they're in there, damned if I can find them. Anyway, Amy sent me this today. So I thought I would share. 

Val - Adele - there is something "Other" about her to me, and for some
reason I picture Val as curvy in all the right places.

Lucas - Alexander Skarsgard, I know someone already chose this but
while I was reading even before reading the blog he is who I pictured.
 Also, my backup picture is HOT and totally a "Lucas" expression as
well (in my humble opinion).

Jack - Jackson Rathbone - I KNOW he's from the "other" series (which
I'm also a fan of) but Google his images NOT as Jasper. My next choice
for Cer could also probably work here as well.

Cer - Gavin Rossdale (this is the choice that could also work for
Jack) another option, because I can't decide if Cer is older looking
or young would be George Clooney, no pic attached of him (as if it'd
be needed).

Rachel - Evan Rachel Wood.  You probably know she was Marilyn Manson's
girl so there is a connection here between my choice for Rachel and
Marion.  This one was hardest for me to cast so I might change my

Marion - Dita Von Teese also a former girlfriend of Marilyn Manson.
There's just something about her photos that seem psychopath-ish? I
don't know maybe it's just me.

Thanks Again,

Amy M. Abrams
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year (Yes, it's January 7th)

Happy New Year! I've been busy, which is why this well-wishing is a week late. Everything has been like that since December, actually! I wanted to get LIF out on the 1st but it had to go the 15th. Then I had to go into Christmas mode which is a lot of work. I'm an only child and my parents don't cook. Either I cook or we got to Denny's.

My girls got a Maltese for Christmas. She's 5 months old and her name is Sparkle. Yes, Sparkle. That's what happens when a 4 year old names a dog. I told one of the mom's at my daughter's school and she laughed at me, said I was the last person she imagined with a small, white dog named Sparkle. I really should have asked her what pet she thought I should have. A snake? A hairless cat? A stuffed animal? Kujo?

Anyway, she's super cute and I had the sweet pleasure of waking up to find her eating her own excrement two days after we got her. I almost yacked all over the place cleaning it up and the whole room STANK so I was up at 4 am.

The kids got too many presents of course and I spent a lot of time emailing fans, and, thank you everyone who sent me an email regarding LIF, even if it was just for the extra scene, it was awesome and humbling to know that the book resonated with so many of you.

I had written the first half of LIF a long time ago. 9 months ago, maybe? And I had written the end. But I had a gaping hole in the middle. I knew how it was going to end. SPOILER FOR LIF!!  with the cliff and the tear and Jack and Rachel but that Cerdewellyn...that bastard was a mystery to me.

I watch a lot of tennis and the truth is, he was slightly inspired by Roger Federer. The man is not only graceful, but whether he's winning or losing he gives the same blank expression. I find myself watching him and wondering what he's thinking because he's an enigma. Well, Cer was too.

The success of LID as well as getting my writing partner Lauren into my life meant that the plot came together and I was able to finish LIF. The book has done really well and hit the top 100 on amazon on the first day which was insane.

I felt a bit bad that some people thought I was too hard on the characters and were quite bummed out about the ending. I will say, Val is going to get a happy ending. So, don't despair!

Anyway. After Christmas, what with the dog and the book and the kids being home I kind of fell off the planet. I've also been emailing Denise Grover Swank a lot and she's not only super-nice, generous and funny but her book is burning up the Amazon lists. We are going to be doing an interview one of these days on our blogs. Here is her site if anyone is interested. Her books are great.

Vampire Diaries is back and I am hoping to watch it tonight. I will hopefully get some writing done in the next few weeks but don't know for sure. My in-laws are visiting from England for a few weeks and my youngest will officially turn 4 at the end of the month.

Hope you all had a great holiday and thanks again for getting in touch!