Friday, September 25, 2015

Bigger, badder and uncut!

Bigger, badder and uncut!

Funny how if you take that out of a movie context it has all sorts of inappropriate connotations, isn't it?

But this year is in fact going to be all of those things! In terms of bigger, you may have noticed the website and all of its shiny glossiness. I hope you think it's as pretty as I do. There should also be some more posting and general online presence this year which I am super excited about. We recently moved, twice, and that sort of threw things into disarray for awhile. But not anymore!

In terms of badderness or baddieness, I recently went to a writing retreat led by the lovely Mary Buckham (who also happens to be an UF author with a great series) where I reached the conclusion that all I really want to write are villains who become heroes despite themselves. Maybe this isn't too shocking considering Lucas, but I strayed a bit with Zack and Edward. They were restrained, cold perhaps, but good guys. Screw that.

Which means I'm writing vampires again. And it feels soooo good! The plan is to finish this thing I'm now working on, a trilogy, and then release them close together. I don't like leaving people in suspense (despite how it appears with the vicious cliffhangers.) and writing under pressure just makes me grumpy. So there is something happening, you WILL be happy about it and once I've got a bit more written I'll be telling you all about it.

Finally, I'm not sure how uncut this is but audiobooks are about to arrive! If you've been asking me for audiobooks (you know who you are!) then you'll be thrilled to know it's finally happened. Valerie in audio. And the gal reading it, Emily Woo Zeller, came highly recommended and is tres awesome. Bye for now and if you're not on the newsletter, sign up! I'm going to have some pretty spectacular giveaways pretty soon, especially for any vampire diaries fans out there. That's everyone, right?