Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sex Against A Wall

What's hotter then sex up against a wall? It's a tried and true standby for tv, movies and books. It happens in my book, or at least there is certainly some grindage, and it made me wonder what other shows paid homage to the wall.

My number one is Buffy and Spike when they bring the house down. Now that is some serious pummeling!  I read that it was so hot Joss and Co had to add some dust at the end to make it slightly less graphic.

And let me apologize for this clip-- it's pathetic. Grainy, the music is gone. I searched for at least 10 minutes and this was the best I could find.

My number two would be Nikita and Michael up against the wall. Notice it also has Florence and the Machine's Cosmic Love in it.

My number three is Atonement. This might have been higher but the ending cheesed me off so much that it simply can't go any higher. If we know how it ends, it's not happy sex but sad sex. And that's sad.

I have a friend who thought the scene between House and Cuddy was pretty hot, but I confess I have not seen it. I always wanted him to hook up with Jennifer Morrison. Yeah, me and one other person in Spain, probably.

What's your favorite wall scene?

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