Friday, December 16, 2011

Who would play these people?

Anna sent me her suggestions for the men. Hmm. I'm not a Brad Pitt fan, but I had this picture on my laptop as a background during law school and everyone stopped to stare at it. I think it even threatened my friend's heterosexuality. He said it was female porn. Heh heh.

Click to view full size image

How hot is that??

Her Jack suggestion is Orlando Bloom. There was a picture where he was dressed...but, why?

Okay...Did not know Diane Kruger was also in Troy. Hmmm

Debbie says James Marsters for Lucas and John Barrowman for Jack. Hmm, well I do LOVE James Marsters and was a huge Spike fan. I always felt bad for him that he couldn't be with Buffy because he was evil. So he gets two pics. He's Spike! But who the blazes is John Barrowman?

Mari says Jason Lewis and Jenson Ackles. I have spent an unreasonable amount of time pouring through pictures to find the right one. It's almost like scientific research.


I will say Dean is just about as tortured as Jack.

Madeline adds Chris Hemsworth

Mya's suggestions....

umm...are people aware that David Beckham is FREAKISHLY photogenic? I think I had heart palpitations. But I thought I should feel it above the belt so maybe I'm wrong.

They have that expression, "I wouldn't kick him out for eating cookies in my bed." What does that mean? If a man brought cookies to bed, I'd be MORE likely to let him in. This guy could eat Stilton in my bed.

I feel like that's a very Lucas expression.

Ashley Greene...i kind of like it. Go Stac!

Alison, there is your next career. Casting. I don't know who some of these people are, nice one. Esp Marion.

she's good too! I want that body. Missy Peregrin

For Rachel? I like the earnestness and niceness of her. Cause that ain't Rachel.

Marion. HOLY COW. I saw this picture and got a chill. Ohhh, don't you think Marion and Rachel are cute together?

rodrigo santino for Lucas


  1. I think it's fitting and like a lot!

  2. I totally love Jensen Ackles (aka Dean) and he would make a great Jack. As for Lucas... why do I immediately think of Alexander SkarsgÄrd (True Blood's Eric)? Could it be because he has already played the hot, sexy, dangerous, mysterious vampire? It's a bonus that he looks super hot with long hair! For that reason, I can't see anyone else as him. He is just... perfect. And, I usually prefer men with darker hair.
    Jensen will be my Jack now. A bit bittersweet because I just finished Love is Fear yesterday. Loved it, but Jack... oh Jack...

  3. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for the copy of Love is Fear. I stayed up waaaaaaaaay too late reading it. It was extremely engrossing and now I'm waiting on pins and needles for the next in the series. Here is a link to my goodreads review of LIF.

  4. Skarsgard is tricky for me, because I'm a big Eric fan and while he plays Eric well...there is something a little boyish about him. Maybe it's the eyes.

  5. Jack: Luke Pasqualino, Gabriel Garko or Raffaello Balzo (all Italian)
    A lot of the images for Luke really just don't show how smoldering he is. You kinda have to see him in his role in Skins, the British version. He is older now. So I think he would make a great Jack. Garko may be too old already. But wow, perfect! And Raffaello, well you just - you have to look.....
    Val: Kaya Scodelario - Also, from the British Skins.
    Lucas: Taylor Kitsch

    Thanks for giving me an excuse to look up beautiful men on the internet ;)

  6. Hi Caroline! Just finished LIF and Loved it! What an awesome story!

    -Melissa =)

    My review here