Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Aloha, can I borrow your umbrella...and Dayquil?"

I'm back! I went on vacation with my family to Hawaii where it rained a lot. Every day in fact. And I got a migraine. Then I got a fever and finally I gave it to my kids, my parents and my husband. So everyone had a good time. Lol.

Actually, it was still a nice trip becuase it's Hawaii. My kids played on the beach, I got my Mudslides and french fries so all was right in my little world for the most part. Two days I woke up at 3 and stumbled down to the lobby in my bathrobe and flip-flops to write. Those people behind the desk didn't know WHAT to make of me!

I came home and I feel like the escape was good for me and my 'muse.' I had been having some trouble writing the third book, people have expectations and they are not shy of telling me about them and I have my own expectations and just wasn't happening. I didn't want to write anything. And this was my revelation-- writing is like dancing to your favorite music when no one is around. I dance differently, I go for it. I sing and I belt it out! Well, when I wrote LID it was the same way, I wrote that honey for me and if I thought it was a little risque with various chair scenes, etc. that was okay. It was my book.

But LID (and then LIF) took off and have done really well which is kind of like finding out my crazy dancing has been recorded and put on Youtube...but people liked it. So they wanted more dancing and even though people liked it I wasn't sure I wanted to dance in public. The books have gotten racier and I have some things I wanted to play around with in the next book which, while not necessarily steamier, they're still a bit 'out there' in my mind. I like the messed-up quality of my books and that's what I want to write and yet I didn't really want to 'own it' for some bizarre reason.

Anyway, I'm over it and I'm writing. I got the third book cut into 19 index cards that are posted next to my desk. The whole plot. I'm stoked. And then I finished a very rough draft. So now I have to dive in and see if there is anything worthwhile in there or if I just have to write it all over again.

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