Monday, July 1, 2013

A Lady Out of Time is out!!

Whoot! A Lady out of Time is out! It's up and it's great. No, it's not vampires. But it is Time travel. Time travel, you say, what's so great about that? Imagine me as the grandpa from the Princess Bride convincing his grandson why he wants to read PB. 'It has a hot duke and a snarky heroine! It's funny and takes place in Victorian London! It's an alternate history and has Nazi's and tons of sizzling sexual tension! It's funny and the hero is great!' At least I think so. Hope everyone is having a great week, it's hotter than hell in California!



  1. I just read bewitching the werewolf and I was sad there was not another book or a following to it. but man it was good.

  2. I just finished a lady out of time. I loved it till the end... I'm really bummed! I hope they do end up together cause if they don't then I'm surely going to have to jump off a cliff cause that isn't a world I want to live in! Don't make your readers jump off cliffs.. its just not right! Can't wait for the sequel!

  3. Just read Lady Out Of Time... please write the next book now. What a bitter sweet ending but Edward has way too many social hangups to make her happy. She needs a hot... hot... hot 19th century 007 type who will team up with Helen and help her kick some Nazis asses.