Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bewitching the Werewolf 2

Yes, it looks like it's happening. BTW is getting a sequel. A novella that has been a lot of fun to write. Without spoilering too much, here is an excerpt (pre final edit so it could change!) of megan's next case! Whoo!

A half-eaten pack of Tums was sitting on my boss’ desk when I walked in. Papers were everywhere. The man is a genius with delegation, papers usually come in and go back out as if they have wings. The fact that his desk was covered in sheets of cheap white paper and post-it notes sent alarm bells ringing through me.
“You,” he gave me the finger point. “Who would’ve thought the day would come when I would be happy to see you?” he said, in total seriousness.
“Right back at you. I like the haircut. What’s up?” The man was bald and had been for twenty years, I only said it to piss him off. His eyes flicked to the chair across from him wanting me to sit. I didn’t. He sighed unhappily.
“There have been three abductions this week. The vampire queen didn’t get up from her coffin, they went to check on her and she wasn’t there. Just gone. No note, no ash, no nothing.”
“Huh,” I said. Cause that was unusual. Vampires didn’t travel without their coffins. From what I understood, it had more to do with comfort than necessity. Like a stuffed animal or a pillow except a coffin. How weird was that? It was one of the many reasons that it was a personal policy of mine to avoid vampires.
“The shifters have reported a missing were-hamster—”
Yeah, that’s right, were-hamster. “Did they check her wheel?” I asked, and thought I saw a curl of smoke rise from my boss’s forehead.
“And most importantly, the New York Guardian is gone.”
“You mean the librarian?”
“Of course I mean the librarian.” His teeth were clenched when he said it. 
The New York Guardian guarded all the spell books and histories for all the local Supes. Anything supernatural that someone might’ve wanted written down (or didn’t want written down but was interesting) was kept in her shop down on 45th Street. One could go in and get a coffee, a potion and a copy of what the Fey were up to during the 1800’s if one wanted. Although I don’t know why anybody would want Fey History, they were damned boring. Spent a lot of time tidying parks and making flower chains.
He pointed a sausage-like finger in my direction. I hated that frickin finger. “Start at the Guardian’s shop, do a recreation spell, see if you can get an image of what happened. This has to be solved fast. The vamps are blaming the weres, the weres are spoiling for a fight as always, and if we’re not careful the humans will get involved.”

And no one wanted that. Talk about up a creek without a paddle. The human police were next to useless. 

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