Saturday, October 8, 2011

I write romance and let's face it-- Romance is all about the men. Oh, and the women they fall in love with whom we only want to see so we can get a demonstration of just how incredible our hero really is. So I thought I should blog with PICS of a few of my favorite hotties. My husband doesn't believe in a top ten list, which is a shame. Although he'd be more likely to get hit on than I would, so I suppose it's for the best.

1. Nikolaj Coster- Waldau. If you know me, you are now groaning and saying 'oh not this guy again.' You probably won't remember him from a little show no one watched called New Amsterdam (it was terrible) but he is now hottin it up in Game of Thrones and this man has never made incest look so good. Here is my favorite pic as well as the clip where I fell in love with Jamie Lannister (good name, right?!?)

1. brace yourself

And the clip-- it's seriously hot and messed up. He's sleeping with his sister, evil and yet, when he said the line at the of this ep, I became a groupie. (This is the first ep, btw. so if you have not seen it, you're not getting spoiled by my drooling.)
What the hell, here is another Game clip. Sigh. You like Alexander Skaarsgard? This guy is danish. What's the diff? It's all dark, cold and nordic.

2. I have a shirt that says rogerer is betterer. And he is. I love Roger Federer. He's graceful and calm under pressure. He's also a family man and devoted. All around class act. If you like the Fed and have not seen his nike commercial where he's attacked, it's kind of funny. Here

3. This one might lose me some credibility. I'm quite conflicted about mentioning it, actually. Coach from Survivor. I know, his weird cockiness was off-putting and he seemed like a total playa but this season he looks so...weathered and dare I say it-- wise. Coach is a bit battered, a bit less sure and I like it. One of my friends was like, 'duh, he's a total romance cover hero.' I was floored by the obvious geniusness (it's a word now!) of that statement.

That's all I got for now. But if you've got a hot guy, display! I love a good ogle. I'm more likely to have five good ogles a day then five fruit and veg.

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  1. Seriously, Coach? I think you just moved down a rung in the ladder of respect. But if you throw up a picture of Alexander, perhaps you'll get bumped up;)