Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I heart writing

Sniffle. (happy sniffle) I now have my office back and I'm writing. Yesterday I wrote 20 pages of a few different things and wasn't sure what I would settle on. Today I was again unsure of what I might write. I know I need to be working on book 3 but the plot has been so crazy and has so many different possibilities that I've had a hard time deciding stuff.

I decided I would just write the scenes I know and see where it went. I got 12 pages done and one of the scenes I really like. I hope it works. I'm going to polish it up and take it to my writer's group for their input. It's probably a quarter of the way in to the book but the tone of the scene and where the character's are emotionally...I'm staking a claim on that scene. Putting my money on it. I think it's gonna be gold. I really missed my computer. I think I'm kind of lame.


  1. So not love to write and are amazing at it. Why shouldn't you miss it? Can't wait to read the scene and hopefully the rest of the book too:)

  2. No worries. My internet connection has been out of whack for the past two days. I felt crippled by it. But now I'm back and searching for more titles to read!

    I really enjoyed reading LIF and providing feedback. I hope you liked the input I had for LIF. I'm happy to read over anything else you might have. Oh, and my Microsoft Word is now relatively up to date. LOL!

    1. Your advice was totally helpful and I'm glad you read it too! If you find anything good let me know. Did I send you Waltz or were not interested?

    2. No, I didn't get anything from you, and I'm totally interested!

      Do you like dystopian? I'm turned onto Veronica Roth's Divergent right now, which I predict will be larger than The Hunger Games.

      I'm also falling in love with Sarah Addison Allen. She's a completely different genre, but I find her writing style to be soothing and comfortable. Her titles are called Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen.