Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who Would Play These People...Part 2

I know some people sent me pics/suggestions and I'm afraid they've gotten lost in my inbox. I'm sorry! I know it sounds ridiculous but I've actually got a lot of emails (not for Viagra, btw!!) and while I know they're in there, damned if I can find them. Anyway, Amy sent me this today. So I thought I would share. 

Val - Adele - there is something "Other" about her to me, and for some
reason I picture Val as curvy in all the right places.

Lucas - Alexander Skarsgard, I know someone already chose this but
while I was reading even before reading the blog he is who I pictured.
 Also, my backup picture is HOT and totally a "Lucas" expression as
well (in my humble opinion).

Jack - Jackson Rathbone - I KNOW he's from the "other" series (which
I'm also a fan of) but Google his images NOT as Jasper. My next choice
for Cer could also probably work here as well.

Cer - Gavin Rossdale (this is the choice that could also work for
Jack) another option, because I can't decide if Cer is older looking
or young would be George Clooney, no pic attached of him (as if it'd
be needed).

Rachel - Evan Rachel Wood.  You probably know she was Marilyn Manson's
girl so there is a connection here between my choice for Rachel and
Marion.  This one was hardest for me to cast so I might change my

Marion - Dita Von Teese also a former girlfriend of Marilyn Manson.
There's just something about her photos that seem psychopath-ish? I
don't know maybe it's just me.

Thanks Again,

Amy M. Abrams
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