Friday, January 13, 2012

My Love Affair With Janet Evanovich

I didn't actually have a love affair with Janet Evanovich. It's an expression! Get your minds out of the gutter for Christ's sake!

Anyway, One For The Money is coming out and I suppose it's the female equivalent to Lord of the Rings finally being made into a movie. At least for me. This book is my Frodo.

When I packed my hospital bag, to deliver my second daughter, I thought I would have some extra time sitting in my little room at some point so I packed Evanovich. I'd already read them all, twice,  and thought it was light enough but funny enough that it would make the time pass.

Guess what? When you have been ripped a new one by a 9lb baby the last thing in the world you want is to laugh. It hurts.

But, you know, I'm worried-- the clowns they casted do NOT seem hot. That's not MY Joe and certainly not the way I envision Ranger. And Heigl...the jury is out. But the jury is suspicious. The jury is giving Katy the Stink Eye cause we know she's guilty of murdering Stephanie Plum.

My favorite bit of all time was when Lula goes on the Atkins Diet and gets chased by dogs down the street because she has a purse full of bacon. That was freaking hysterical.

My biggest complaint is that I really wish she'd have more sex in her books. I hate hearing that something or other 'zipped to her doo-dah' and then it fades to black. Even Grandma Mazur would write something steamier than that!

Anyway, are you excited about it? What do you think of the casting? More importantly, what's your favorite Plum moment?


  1. First of all, I'm your newest fan. Just read Love is Darkness and Love is Fear in about 24 hours (who needs sleep?) When's the next one out??
    As for the Stephanie Plum series, I'm a fan too. I can't say I'm thrilled about the casting. I can't picture Heigel as Plum at all. I'm keeping an open mind though. I wish Sandra Bullock was just a bit younger, she'd be perfect.
    As for Ranger (sigh)...Nope. Not what I expected at all. Even though the books don't deplict him as tall, he's always been huge in my imagination. Morelli seems pretty spot on, let's see if an Irish guy (I believe he's Irish) can pull it off...
    Once again, thank you so much for those two books, you've got me hooked. I don't think I have gone sleepless for a book since I started the Sookie Stackhouse series. Thank you! Tara Hall

  2. Oh! And I agree, Evanovich needs to spice things up a bit...okay, a lot. (I wish you could give her some pointers. :))
    Its been years since I've read One For The Money, so I can't think of any moments that stand out...(sorry)

  3. It's been years since I've read the books, and I think I got to ten before I quit reading. I haven't put much thought into the actors, but try to remain optimistic. I've seen actors transform themselves and surprise me. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Heigel to challenge herself and get out of the romantic comedies (can we say typecasted?) just sayin'.

    Grandma Mazur would be steamier, I have to admit. But I envisioned Stephanie Plum as someone who would be embarrassed by those scenes, you know? Definitely a "lights off" kind of girl.

    I put some Laurel K. Hamilton on my reading list, just for you.